The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

JFO-2.JPGI'm here, Mom!It's me, Fred! FO J. Fred Oliver (assigned to 1/14th) stands in front of an 8" howitzer. This gun helped save A/1/14 from some significant losses when they got out of range of both 105's and 155's. I walked in one round at a time. The rounds had to pass diagonally over our heads to hit target. I can still hear the waffling racket the rounds made a second before they slammed into the hill above us. I went back to personally thank the 8" crew for their accuracy.
JFO-3.JPGMemories of NamFred sits atop a typical fully-sandbagged bunker with some beautiful scenery in the background. The all-too-familiar water tank is in the background. Proper nomenclature is the M-149 Water Buffalo. The handy-dandy shower stall is next to it. This firebase looks like a war-time vacation spot.
JFO-4.JPGFred stands next to a recoilless rifle. What a "bad boy" that weapon was! Nomenclature was the M40 recoilless rifle.
JFO-5.JPGFred & FriendYeah, I'm the guy on the left with all the aiming points on my uniform for a sniper. My buddy is totally anonymous.
JFO-1.JPGFantastic shot!Amazing! This photo captures, almost magically, the powerful dust storm created by a Chinook when hovering over dry ground and picking up a heavy load, such as one of our 105mm howitzers. An almost depleted blivet can be seen just outside the huge dust storm.
JFO-6.JPGTwin DusterThe M42 Twin Duster: twin mounted 40mm anti-aircraft guns used for defensive purposes in Nam. They were stored at Ft Bliss, El Paso, TX after WWII in heavy cosmoline. The brass found a use for them, re-mobilized them and sent them over. For a little more background, refer to the War Story link and click on "Wanna Cushy Job?".
JFO-7.JPGFire!A military cot blocks the view of whatever is being fired, but this photo proves conclusively...without any doubt...that our combat brothers DID NOT use ear plugs? Eh? What's that? I'm entitled to VA hearing disability? Ya think?
JFO-8.JPGMy FriendHe's putting that canteen cup to good use. Good shot of typical living quarters in the boonies.
JFO-9.JPGGuard DutyWell, he doesn't say much, but he doesn't fall asleep, either.
JFO-10.JPGTwin DusterFully emplaced and ready for action. This M42 is sandbagged supported by engineering stakes. They did a good job getting all that cosmoline off.
JFO-11.JPG"BUTCHERING BASTARD"Double-click on the photo and you will see the inscription of "Butchering Bastard" running down the 8" howitzer tube. This firebase had some serious weaponry.
JFO-12.JPGOh-so-familiar!Yeah, this may look like just another shot of a Huey, but checking out the foreground, you can tell it is on a resupply run. There are boxes of C-rats, bundles of sandbags just waiting to be filled, a jerry can and 52-gallon drum. Maybe this is where UPS got the idea.
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