The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

2014_Program_35th_Reunion.JPG16th Annual 35th Reunion - 2014Program cover for the Chicago reunion.
Chic-1.JPGThe Chicago-Northbrook Hilton, site of the 2014 ReunionWhat a great hotel...very luxurious...once you found it! As many of us learned, it was not in Chicago proper, but the city a little north called Northbrook. All that aside, the weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful reunion.
Chic-4.JPGChicago-Northbrook HiltonLots of amenities, including free parking near the front entrance.
Chic-5.JPGChicago-Northbrook HiltonThe beautiful, restful view looking outside the dining room.
Chic-6.JPGChicago-Northbrook HiltonColorful mural on the dining room wall.
Banquet_Presentation.JPGBanquet PresentationA 2/9th Artillery "challenge coin" was presented to the current President of the 35th Inf Regt Association as well as all of the Past Presidents by 2/9th Webmaster Dennis Dauphin in grateful appreciation and recognition of our participation in their annual reunions. Given on Saturday, September 27, 2014.
2-9th_Challenge_Coin.jpg2/9th Artillery Challenge CoinFront/Rear of the Challenge Coin presented to the President of the 35th Inf Regt Association and all of its Past Presidents. Additionally, a Challenge Coin was presented to the Active Duty Commander of the 35th, LTC O'Connor.
35th_-_Gift_from_Recon.JPGGift from Jackie TylerAfter the presentation of the 2/9th Challenge Coins to the 35th Assn Presidents, "E" Recon member Jackie Tyler presented me with a beautiful "Recon" dogtag in gold finish. I shall treasure it always and it is displayed on my computer desk. Thank you, Jackie, for this wonderful memento!
Chic-12.JPGHail, Mr. PresidentBill Henson, President of the 35th Inf Regt "Cacti" Assn, greets us in his most formal outfit, a big smile!
Chic-11.JPGPast President Don JohnsonDon, who claims to be 39, says being "past president" is the best job there is!
Chic-10.JPGHail, Hail, the gang's all hereDavid Dunn, chief troublemaker for A/2/35, poses with his crew.
Chic-9.JPGJus' Havin' a good timeBobby Day, Hal Bowling,
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