The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

JS-2.JPGHere I Am!Sergeant Joseph Sleevi...St George mid 1969..Assigned to Bravo
Company, 1st 14th from March 1969 to November 1969. I started my tour with A 2/9th in December 1968 on LZ Bridget. The BC at the time Capt Williams asked all the guys with a Commo MOS if they wanted to go out in the field...I volunteered and I think Sgt Winnow did near the same time. I spent a lot of time in the FDC those first few months...It was such an education for me, and Bridget was a slow FireBase....My first FO was Lt Atha, and to be sure, he taught me a lot.
JS-3.JPGSergeant Joe Sleevi....building a FO party bunker on St George.

I'd like to say that this picture was taken a few years ago. (ha!)
JS-1.jpgBattery Commander & Chief of SmokeCaptain Williams and Chief of Smoke. Taken at LZ St. George while it was being built. Both these men were instrumental in all the Fire Direction activities during the battle for the CHU PA. Cpt. Williams was a Reserve Officer from Utah and a sharp BC.
JS-4.JPGWorking at LZ St George1st Sergeant James E. McPeek unloading for St George, standing in bed of truck. Facing camera, "Bullet Bob" Burnett, and Clint Curry.
JS-5.JPGBest guess is FSB unusual FBase...Arty on one end and Infantry at the other. The black-and-white shot makes it look like WWII.
JS-6.JPG"Forgotten FO"Lt. Jim Hunter...somewhat of a "forgotten FO". We were together for a
few months with "B" 1st 14th. He was attached to some "CIDG's" (Civilian Irregular Defense Group) and he came back for a few months again.
JS-7.JPGConvoy plusMy best guess is the convoy to Ban Me Thuot and a couple guns on the way. The little Lambretta looks puny compared to our military vehicles.
JS-8.JPGAnother view: the convoy to Ban Me Thuot.
JS-9.JPGLZ St GeorgeMortar Pit at LZ St George.
JS-10.JPGFSB 34Best guess is FSB unusual FBase...Arty on one end and
JS-11.JPGBest guess is FSB unusual FBase...Arty on one end and Infantry at the other end.
JS-12.JPGLZ St GeorgeBuilding our battery defenses at LZ St George.
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