The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

TR-1.jpgCoffee BreakTom Roman: what could be better than hot coffee in a hot FDC CONEX?
TR-2.jpgFDC Crew & VisitorTom Roman, Lt Ed McNew (FO, FDO) and a gun bunny (cannoneer) taking a snooze.
TR-3.JPGFO & The FDC CrewL to R (back): Calvin T. Garrett (Houston), Lt Charles Stout, PJ Newlin (Coloado), Phil Johnson (Pittsburgh). FR: Jay Flamme,(Colorado-deceased), Sp4 Kelly (New York), and Tom Roman. Sp4 Kelly was the brother-in-law of the famous recording artist Aretha Franklin. She dedicated the song "Mr. Kelly" to him.
TR4.jpg"Yeah, I'm talking to my girl"Date: 22Oct68 Location: 40 mi S of Ban Me Thuot; 5 mi from Cambodia and the NVA. Working hard as always in the "Home Sweet Home" bunker. Notice the definite look of tension from the war. Actually, this is a quiet moment in the FDC shack (CONEX).
TR5.jpgMy Buddy Max LeachMaximo T. Leach and I take a stress break from the FDC of "B" Battery.
TR6.jpgCompetition?"Bravo" Battery has the honor of being named "Best Firing Battery" for the month of December.
TR7.jpgLZ Ranger IIThe "gang" gets ready to kill a fifth of something. At left, standing, is Lt Don Blankin; Sp5 Jay Flamme next to him. I'm wearing the fancy hat.
TR8.jpgWhat, me work?Date: 30 Dec. Location: LZ Schuyler.
Would you believe work? This hole was dug completely for dirt to fill sandbags. Lots of sandbags. They told me to look for gold to keep me motivated.
TR9.jpgDonut DoggieDate: 20 March Location: LZ Valentine.
Jay Flamme & I with a scout dog at LZ Valentine. Post Note: I learned that Jay was killed in an accidental shooting on the range after returning from RVN, 1969.
TR10.jpgThe Warning OrderThese "I'm Coming Home" warning letters were very popular for all the "short timers".
TR11.jpgM60 Machine GunDate: 20March69 Location: LZ Valentine

Cleaning the M60. If you want it to work, you had better keep it clean.
TR12.jpgMoving TimeAnother move, another 1,000 sandbags. Think we got a little muddy in the process. Next to me is Joe Goldstein with those ever classic military style glass frames.
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