The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Ambrose_Smurra.JPGYes, I got my ticket to VietnamMy name is Ambrose Smurra; I am a Cannoneer. Without me, nothing happens. My favorite hobby between fire missions was exchanging Italian recipes with Lt Bob Patalano.
AS-1.JPGAir Drop of suppliesEveryone knew the drill. A CH-47 Chinook had a slingload of something under its belly and dropped off the load. There were few useful roadways in Nam that weren't subject to daily ambush.
AS-2.JPGField EntertainmentNope, this isn't the "warmup act" for Bob Hope. He never came this far out into the war zone. Not that I blame him.
AS-3.JPGField EntertainmentWell, the troops seem to be enjoying it!
AS-4.JPGCargo AirportFixed-wing cargo planes on the tarmac.
AS-5.JPGGoing Home - CONUS OrdersSee those overseas caps? They contain orders for going home.
AS-6.JPGPlenty of dustThis is generally what it looks like when a CH-47 brings in a slingload of supplies.
AS-7.JPGLZ IncomingA direct hit on one of our howitzers when the enemy attacked LZ Incoming. {See "War Stories" about LZ Incoming}
AS-8.JPGMore domesticatedThis is a more "city-fied" location in Nam
AS-9.JPGOur WorkhorsesWithout the Chinook in Nam, we would have been very hard pressed to keep supplies coming and be combat effective.
AS-10.JPGScenic FirebaseThis is one of the more scenic firebases you'll ever see in Nam
AS-11.JPGNew PositionEvery time we hit a new position, there was a lot of digging in and construction to be done.
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