The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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Fred_Oliver.JPGModern-Day Fred172 viewsFred is a successful real estate developer, both business and residential, in San Diego, CA. He attended our historic 2/9th FA reunion in May, 2013 at Ft Sill, OK.
JFO-88.JPGWhat is it?156 viewsI caught it and was told, You cook it, too!".
JFO-86.JPGThis is the field136 viewsRucksack, helmet, letter from home, and a smoke.
JFO-87.JPGTaking a break121 viewsTypical scene of troops moving through the Central Highlands.
JFO-84.JPGPerfect Timing!120 viewsThe photo catches the cigarette smoke departing his nostrils at the exact moment. Smoke breaks were common, just like in the States.
JFO-81.JPGSearch & Destroy115 viewsBoth grunts and redleg FO parties know this sight all too well...going through the Johnson grass with your weapon at the ready.
JFO-77.JPGOn the ground on patrol114 viewsNote the inflatable air mattresses. In the red circle is a souvenir someone is bringing home.
JFO-85.JPGAir Delivery112 viewsSoldier in the foreground gives the Huey pilot the "thumbs up" to pull out. Delivery complete.
JFO-82.JPGC-Rats110 viewsAll field troops knew the trick of using one C-rat can as a "mini-stove" and heating an otherwise cold can of rations. Note the improvised bedding of sand bags and an air mattress. Everyone, I'm sure, is familiar with the white plastic spoons.
JFO-79.JPGA hand of bridge?108 viewsFish? Euchre? Not likely with the military play money at stake.
JFO-80.JPGMedic time104 viewsPreventing infection from setting into a minor wound.
JFO-78.JPGOn patrol104 viewsTaking a break or setting up a night position.
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