The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Most viewed - Ron Goldmaker
LZ_Liz_Capt_Hutsell,_Bernhard,_Buzz_Nelson.jpgAt LZ Liz124 viewsL to R: Captain Howard "Dutch" Hutsell (deceased), Bernhard, and Sp4 Buzz Nelson. Hutsell served as the S-4 of the Battalion before moving on to Battery Commander.
Randy(Doc)Eagleton_and_Bear.jpgAnother day in Nam124 viewsPictured above is Randy (Doc) Eagleton and Bear.
Jack_Boston.jpgRecuperation123 viewsJack Boston resting with repairs to his right shoulder. Jack was a member of the C-2-9 FDC crew, pulling alternating 12-hr shifts with Ron. Lt Wayne Crochet and Sgt Sam Nieto also served in C-2-9.
MikeStagon_SgtFitzpatrick.jpgChow Time119 viewsHere are Mike Stagon and Sgt Fitzpatrick.
Scotty_Sky.jpgDigging in119 viewsLooks like Scotty and Sky are in the process of protecting the CONEX.
Mike_Stagon.jpgWasn't me118 viewsMike Stagon seems to say he didn't do it. But his face and neck look suspicious.
Ron-carbine.jpgArmed and Ready117 viewsRon holding a sawed-off carbine. He saw service with an FO Party and later moved into the FDC crew shifts with Lt Wayne T. Crochet and Sp4 Jack Boston. Ron had a good working knowledge of FADAC.
LZ_Liz_Shit_Burning.jpgDifferent type of "fire mission"117 viewsIt never went away. There was always a "shit detail". Making perfume at LZ Liz.
Porkchop-our_cook.jpgSaluting our C-2-9 Cook!116 viewsPork Chop...better known as our battery cook.
Modern_Day_Ron.jpgModern Day Ron Goldmaker112 viewsWhat luck! Ron is a photographer. (2014 photo)
LZ_Liz_Doc#1_Fitzpatrick.jpgPipe & Pinups110 viewsTypical interior view of the CONEX. Pictured here are Doc and Fitzpatrick.
Ron-292-TamKy-TET-68.jpgTam Ky110 viewsPictured at lovely Tam Ky, TET of 1968.
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