The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Last additions - J Fred Oliver
JFO-86.JPGThis is the fieldRucksack, helmet, letter from home, and a smoke.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-87.JPGTaking a breakTypical scene of troops moving through the Central Highlands.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-88.JPGWhat is it?I caught it and was told, You cook it, too!".Mar 20, 2016
JFO-81.JPGSearch & DestroyBoth grunts and redleg FO parties know this sight all too well...going through the Johnson grass with your weapon at the ready.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-82.JPGC-RatsAll field troops knew the trick of using one C-rat can as a "mini-stove" and heating an otherwise cold can of rations. Note the improvised bedding of sand bags and an air mattress. Everyone, I'm sure, is familiar with the white plastic spoons.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-84.JPGPerfect Timing!The photo catches the cigarette smoke departing his nostrils at the exact moment. Smoke breaks were common, just like in the States.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-85.JPGAir DeliverySoldier in the foreground gives the Huey pilot the "thumbs up" to pull out. Delivery complete.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-76.JPGCan land anywhereThis pilot proves he can land his Chinook anywhere.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-77.JPGOn the ground on patrolNote the inflatable air mattresses. In the red circle is a souvenir someone is bringing home.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-78.JPGOn patrolTaking a break or setting up a night position.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-79.JPGA hand of bridge?Fish? Euchre? Not likely with the military play money at stake.Mar 20, 2016
JFO-80.JPGMedic timePreventing infection from setting into a minor wound.Mar 20, 2016
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