The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

WC-4.JPGAnother daring FO!Lt Wayne Crochet of New Orleans, LA takes a long look at "what's out there". Wayne served with B/2/35 in the 1967-68 era.

Photo courtesy of Cliff "Westy" Westwood of B/2/35
WC-1.JPGThink this path may be floodedFO Lt Wayne Crochet stands knee-deep in a stream with "Poncho", the Company Commander's RTO. One way to "cool your dogs" and wash your boots at the same time.

Photo courtesy of Cliff "Westy" Westwood of B/2/35
WC-3.JPGWash first; then dryNow that Lt Crochet has washed his boots in the stream, it's time to let them dry.

Photo courtesy of Cliff "Westy" Westwood, B/2/35.
WC-2.JPGEasy camouflageFO Lt Wayne Crochet has no trouble blending in with the jungle.

Photo courtesy of Cliff "Westy" Westwood of B/2/35
Lt_John_Hartley_Jr.jpgTryin' to keep up with CrochetLt John Hartley, Jr is sent out to replace FO Lt Wayne Crochet. Wayne went back to "C" Battery while John took his place as the FO for B/2/35 in the Duc Pho area in 1967. Lt Hartley later became a LNO with 2/35th TOC shop.

Photo courtesy of Cliff "Westy" Westwood, B/2/35
Wayne_Crochet.jpgModern Day WayneWayne, a New Orleans native, returned to his hometown after Vietnam to practice law.
Wayne_C_Holy_City~0.jpgWayne & Carol Crochet attend 2018 Reunion at Ft SillL to R: Dennis & Jackie Dauphin; Wayne & Carol Crochet; Mercy & Mike Kurtgis, Martha Henderson.

Sadly, Wayne passed away in 2021 in New Orleans, LA
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