The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Arrival_at_Base_Camp.JPGWell....Here I am!Sp4 Robert "Bob" Wilson arrives at the 2/9th Base Camp around holiday time. You'll notice that Danny Yates is a fellow artillery surveyor who served with me.
Arriving_at_Base_Camp_-_2.JPGArriving at Base CampA closer look at my fresh new uniform. So proud of my new rank that I had to get a close up.
RW-1.JPGThe Mighty Ninth goes by seaLooking at the vehicles on the deck, you can see the designation "25 F 2-9".
Wonder if we are due any ribbons for naval action? G. Dean Springer believes the move definitely occurred although he personally went via convoy. Ray Delano suggests that "A" Battery moved by naval vessel with an Engineer and Cav outfit possibly.
RW-2.JPGThe Mighty Ninth goes by seaWhat I remember was that I went by sea and that the trip was rough due to the flat bottom of the LST. I recall standing to get a better view and the ship came down off a wave and buckled my knees. I then climbed into the cab of a truck for the remaining trip to Duc Pho.
RW-3.JPGThe Mighty Ninth goes by seaThe next three photos show the 2/9th loaded on an LST. I believe the sea move was made from Qui Nhon to Duc Pho. I somewhat remember going by convoy in January, 1967 from Pleiku to Qui Nhon. Then the division split. Some continued by convoy and some sea to Duc Pho.
RW-4.JPGBubble arrivesC&C chopper coming in.
RW-5.JPGHere comes C&CA "bubble helo" arriving usually meant the boss coming for a visit.
RW-6.JPGThe Mighty Ninth goes by seaAlternate Thoughts: Some components of the 2/9th may have moved from LZ Uplift to Bronco Beach via LST while others went to Duc Pho via convoy. Qui Nhon is mostly landlocked. The men pictured are walking the deck of the LST.
RW-M1.JPGArrival at LZ MontezumaA typical Vietnamese village off Highway 1.
RW-M2.jpgArrival at LZ MontezumaThis is our Survey Hooch.
RW-M3.JPGArrival at LZ MontezumaInside our Survey hooch with two UNK artillery surveyors admiring their four-star accommodations.
RW-M4.JPGArrival at LZ MontezumaA view looking out towards the South China Sea.
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