The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

JH-1.JPGJust landedHi, Mom! I'm here. I'm at LZ Baldy. Joe Henderson stands in a clean uniform next to the cargo straps that carried the 105mm howitzer into position.
JH-2.JPGMy GuysNothing stronger than a bond of brotherhood. Joe stands at left with arms folded.
Joe_H.JPGMen of the 35th - Our brothers in combatAttached Pic is from 1969, Stand down. If you knew any of the these men you were lucky, because they had my back and yours over there. It’s a Family shot taken in dim light. The drink of the day was Beer and RC Cola. Eighty cases of beer and forty cases of soda were consumed by the next morning.

Photo courtesy of Joe Soga/Joe Henderson
JH-3.JPGTents and flagsGood photo of two redlegs: Billy Willams (WVA) and Garry Butler (TX)
JH-4.JPG"Our last contact was here..."Billy Williams points to the spot while Joe stares intently. The TOC room map was the key to planning and strategy.
JH-5.JPGTOC loaded with radios(Back) Terry Savely, 2/35th Commo; Billy Williams, UNK, and Bob Smith, 2/35th RTO. The Tactical Operations Center kept tabs on everything via radio.
JH-6.JPGAll eyes on the map(L to R) Terry Savely, Joe Henderson, Bob Smith, and UNK. Working as a team, the TOC is in full operation now.
JH-7.JPG"Outside the wire"Now you know what it means!
JH-8.JPGThe wild west?Kinda resembles a pioneer camp.
JH-9.JPGHand-in-handThe sign may say "2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, CACTI BLUE FORWARD", but there was plenty of Redleg cooperation and talent in running their TOC.
JH-10.JPG"Attention all personnel..."Announcing mail call? Pizza delivery?
Joe_H_Sill-1~0.JPGThe ENCORE Reunion: Ft Sill, OK May, 2017Danny Fort, a nearby resident of Ft Sill, stands proudly in the center of the photo with his walking stick.
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