The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

VaB-1.JPGWelcome to Virginia Beach!Hah! Joke's on you. This is the "old" Cavalier with its very impressive architectural front and manicured name in "bold bush" font, but it was closed. Gotta go across the street to the "real" location.
VaB-2.JPGThe real Cavalier you have arrived. The place was full and parking was tight, but it was very comfy with lots of things to see and do nearby.
VaB-3.JPGThe Cavalier Oceanfront HotelYep..that's it! The Atlantic Ocean right at your feet.
VaB-4.JPGThe Cavalier Oceanfront HotelSee? A beautiful, nice walking path, and a grand golf course.
VaB-5.JPGThe Cavalier Oceanfront HotelThe hotel's dining area gave its visitors a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean with its white caps rushing to the shore.
Redleg_Lunch-1.JPGThe annual C-1-35 & 2/9th Arty joint luncheonJoe Turner listens as Don Keith leans in to tell another war story. Jim Connolly, at the end of the table, has heard all this before.
Redleg_Lunch-2.JPGJoint LuncheonEd Moor and lady friend.
Redleg_Lunch-3.JPGJim ConnollyJim is a veteran of these reunions. He worked in the 35th Inf Regt Battalion TOC.

You may call him "Senor Connolly" as he lives most of the year in Mexico. Hasta La Vista, Baby!
Redleg_Lunch-4.JPGJoint LuncheonJoe Henderson at lower left. Past President of the 35th Inf Regt Assn, Jim Beddingfield, sits across from Joe.
Redleg_Lunch-5.JPGJoint LuncheonGreg and Katie Malnar. Greg served in both an FO party and the A/2/9 FDC.
Redleg_Lunch-6.JPGJoint LuncheonThe ever-present evil grin of Don Keith as he table-hops. Don spent 11 months in the field as an FO and carries his "certifiably insane" paperwork wherever he goes.

His current "victim" is Jim Beddingfield, Past President of the 35th Inf Regt Assn.
Redleg_Lunch-7.JPGJoint LuncheonChit-chatting among the guests of the joint luncheon.
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