The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

DJ-1.jpgBattle ReadyCapt Doug Johnson and a Signal Corps officer (UNK) test out the sandbags.
DJ-2.jpgBC Scope atop the sandbagged CONEX aka FDC1stSgt William Rollins, UNK, SFC Frank Venegas Chief of Smoke (deceased), CWO Emil Franklin, Bn Radar Officer, standing in front of "A" Battery sign. In back is the heavily sandbagged CONEX serving as a portable FDC.
DJ-3.jpgBn Staff Visit"Didn't you hear? We got a six-month drop!"

Maj Vincente DeJesus, Bn Asst S-3, Capt Keith Carlton, "A" Btry CO, Capt Doug Johnson, Bde LNO, Capt Hutsell, Bn S-4
DJ-4.jpg2/9th Arty Battalion Commander LtCol Gerald Bobzien, (Unknown), Lt Carl Stout, FO and (Unknown).
DJ-5.jpgAwards DayLt Dennis Munden, FO; Lt Jim Deloney, FO, and Capt Doug Johnson receive medals at a Vietnamese awards ceremony at Brigade Base Camp.
DJ-6.jpgVietnamese Awards CeremonyMaj Doug Johnson and Lt Don Keith display Vietnamese medals.
DJ-7.jpgLooking out the helo door is 35th Inf Battalion Commander Maj Moore.
DJ-8.jpg"Just wanted to let you guys know that we are going to throw a little party for Ho Chi Minh tonight". Informal staff meeting in progress. (L to R) Maj Gerrold Tippen, S-3 for 1/35; LTC Bob Kingston (BnCO, 1/35, later becoming a general), (Unknown), CPT Bil Baker, S-4, 1/35) (Unknown), Maj Doug Johnson, Doctor from the 1/35 Inf, Lt Cal Graef, 4.2 Mortar Plt Leader.)
DJ-9.jpg"Let me tell you this about that!"CPT Lynn Knight (A/1/35) speaks with CPT Ed Nealon (B/1/35).
DJ-11.jpgWhere are we? A map exercise."Matches? I thought you had the matches!"
Maj Gerrold Tippen (S-3, 1/35)), CPT Lloyd Yoshina (A/1/35), Maj Moore (BnCo, 1/35).
DJ-12.jpgGot me a jeep!Lt Kermit DeVaughn (deceased), an Alabama native, FDO for "A" Battery, is all smiles.
DJ-14.jpgThe GruntsLt TJ Blue (1/35), Maj (Unknown) who was the FAC (Forward Air Controller), and CPT Art Panze, Engineer Co Commander.
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