The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

SC_-_First_Ride.JPGFirst Helo RideMy first helicopter ride ever in Vietnam was in an OH-23 Hiller, also known as the "bubble" chopper.
2-9_company_clerks.JPGBattery Clerks of the 2/9th(L to R) Richard G. Castaneda, "C" Battery clerk; Sp5 Robert F. Biza, "B" Battery clerk; Sp5 Ronald N. Tune, "A" Battery clerk; Sp5 James L. Keller, Hq Svc Battery clerk.

A sure sign that the Headquarters were "getting civilized" with all these stateside amenities.
Battery_Clerk.JPGBattery Clerks of the 2/9th ArtyAlmost looks like he's working stateside. He's James L. Keller, 2/9th Hq, Svc Battery. Photo dated 1969.

{Webmaster Note: It's interesting to compare the photos from 1966 to the ones in '69 and later. It looks like we were eventually fighting a stateside war overseas. I refer to it as a "summer camp live fire exercise"}
Battery_Clerk2.JPGBattery Clerks of the 2/9th ArtyA true desk unknown...but not any more. Thanks to Sp5 James Keller, we now know that this is Sp5 Robert F. Biza, "B" Battery clerk.
Typewriter.JPGBattery Clerks of the 2/9th ArtyOne tap or two? The best way to repair a typewriter. This is how Sp5 Robert F. Biza repairs his Hq Service Battery typewriter. Biza's name provided by Sp5 James Keller in November, 2014. So, now we know.
Ron_Watts.JPGDecember, 1968: Unusual AssignmentRon Watts, a member of the 2/9th, spent his whole tour with the 1/69th Armor.
Lea_1268.JPGPFC Eugene E. LeaDecember, 1968. My friend Eugene Lea.
Tents.JPGHome Sweet HomeDecember, 1968. These were the tents we lived in.
Robert_L__Brown.jpgGoing on R&RPFC Robert L. Brown is in the locker room getting ready to leave for R&R. He was from Milwaukee, WI.
David_Jacobs.jpgSp4 David Jacobs, with towel, was the switchboard operator. Mark Charters is reading a book over to the right. The one on the upper bunk is UNK. This area was the common hut. Jesse White slept here also. Anyone know the unknown soldier?
Paul_Howe___parrot.JPGAnother Nam buddyPaul Howe with a parrot on his shoulder. Note the shield of the 2/9th on his left jacket pocket.
Paul_Howe_with_boy.JPGMan and boyPaul Howe sits and chats with a young boy scout. Behind them is the ubiquitous concertina wire to identify a perimeter.
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