The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

JM-23.JPGYe Olde TOCThe old TOC making way for a new one.
JM-24.JPGAerial View - Than AnJohn notes that "this is where we had our laundry done."
JM-27.JPGLet's Go Home!It's all over for us. Members of my Ft Sill AIT have completed their tour of duty, gladly demonstrating their "I'm this short!" signals. A wonderful feeling.
At left is Don Primer of A/2/9 and Mark Jowers, 4th from left.
JM-28.JPGSitting on the docks of Cam Ranh BayGoing Home! Fly to the land of the Big PX. Mission completed.
JM-25.JPGPost War Duty reunionMaj Jerry Orr and wife Jean (now deceased) attending a "home from the war" 2/9th reunion held at Ft Sill (1969).
JM-26.JPGPost War Duty reunionLocation: Bianco's Italian Restaurant downtown. It was torn down November 2012 to make way for new development of 2d Street. John and Rose Bianco opened it in 1955. It was the favorite "Watering Hole" for GI's for many years. Col Guy Rogers is shown with the Ladies. Great Arty Officer. Was Divarty XO 1968-69 He passed away in 2005. Capt Dick Younger and wife attending a "home from the war" 2/9th reunion held at Ft Sill (1969).
JM-29.jpgMother's Day Assault on LZ OasisNewspaper account of the attack on LZ Oasis, May 1969.
Modern_Day_John.JPGModern Day John "Moon" MullinsJohn proudly poses in his uniform (notice that it actually fits!) for Veteran's Day, 2012. Looking good, John!
John__Moon__Mullins.JPGCasual - Modern Day MoonJohn served as a major partner in the Reunion registration at Ft Sill, OK with Maj Jerry Orr.
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