The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

JM-12.JPGCome and get it!MSgt Clayborn serves as the master chef for some good-looking chow. Meanwhile, Floyd McKendree makes sure he is first in line.
JM-13.JPGBde LiaisonRonnie Kackley, serving as Brigade Liaison.

Update! John "Moon" Mullins located Ron in February, 2015. See "Visitor's Comments" link on Homepage.
JM-13a.jpg3rd Bde LiaisonTom Rager, along with Kackley in photo #13, served as Brigade Liaisons in the TOC.
JM-14.JPGPardon me!Jack Johnson, Bde Liaison (I think!)
JM-15.JPGSgt ButlerSgt Butler, Brigade Liaison, Austin, TX. Sgt Butler was good at charming those dames right out of their clothes!
JM-16.JPGLt Mike KurtgisLt Mike Kurtgis, Air FO assigned to the 2/9th and boarding at LZ Oasis. Mike is happily sitting in his new "Loach" as his other "birds", older models, kept coming to earth in unexpected and unplanned fashion.
JM-17.JPGFO McHughLt James McHugh, Forward Observer, has his beer in hand.
JM-18a.JPGDoing a little trimLt Steve Huffstutler, later killed in action during the infamous "Mothers Day" assault at LZ Oasis, May, 1969, trims the mustache...carefully.
JM-19.JPGYou Rang?Capt David A. Horswell, Battery Commander of "B" Battery, steps outside the hooch.
JM-20.JPGTesting the new M-102Saying goodbye to the old M1A101 "split trails" and trying out the new M102. At left is Lt Epps, (UNK) is yanking the lanyard, and (UNK) E-9 is observing.
JM-21.JPGDamn...the thing works!Same as photo JM-20. Somebody send a "Flash" message to Ft. Sill.
JM-22.JPGThe new TOCUnder construction is the new TOC going up at LZ Oasis.
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