The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

SG-20.JPGMy Album!Welcome to my world...the world of Sgt Steve Gorecky, FDC, FA...Vietnam. The "Dead Dink" score is just behind my head on my left. "A" Battery was credited with a certain number of "kills". That number indicated the number of bad guys that weren't going to have another birthday. Note the "Mighty Ninth" FDC sign behind me. I came here just in time to "celebrate" TET-68. Lucky me!
SG-1.JPGLeaving English behindAfter we left LZ English (Bong Son), we set up for a few days on the edge of a runway where a Caribou or two would land quite close. This was just prior to "A" Btry flying off to Kontum from AFB Phu Cat.
SG-2.JPGFDC CONEXThis is the FDC CONEX & bunker on LZ English. I had been in-country about 2 weeks at this time.
SG-3.JPGDustersThis is a Twin-40 Duster; they sure made a lot of noise at night. It helped keep the "dinks" out of the wire.
SG-4.JPGPhu Cat AirbaseHere we are at Phu Cat AFB the day we flew into Kontum. I'm in the center; forgotten the name of the FDC guy on my left.
SG-5.JPGLoading upLoading "A" Btry into C-130s; off to Kontum and a few days later into LZ Incoming.
SG-6.JPGLoading upJust before we loaded up for our trip to LZ Incoming on the wonderful "Shithooks"! L to R: Pete Beringer, ____, Ed ____, George Skulzachek (nickname "Caesar"), and Lt George in the background. Just before this, our CO told us very undiplomatically that some of us would NOT return. Reason perhaps for the unhappy faces, huh?
SG-7.JPGRelocation at LZ IncomingGetting settled at LZ Incoming. Lt George is in the center.
SG-8.JPGLZ IncomingOn LZ Incoming just before the shit hit the fan. Lt George in center; Jimmy Loy is at right. The FDC CONEX hole is in on the left.
SG-9.JPGSteve & Caesar - FDC guysMe and George "Caesar" Skulzachek, FDC mates. Kept searching for George after Vietnam without success. Finally learned that he passed away.
SG-10.JPGGood Morning, Vietnam!A "cold day in hell" as they say. Caesar is warming a bit of hot chocolate just outside the FDC on LZ Incoming.
SG-11.JPGNothing grows on LZ Incoming?This is a "gook's view" of LZ Incoming from the south. I braved the snipers & mortars to get water from the big bladder that was sitting out about 200ft out of the perimeter. Anyone wonder why there was NOT a stick of vegetation on this firebase? "Orange"-something ring a bell?
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