The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

MG-1.JPG2 Millionth loss of hearing can attest to that!

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MG-2.JPGThe M102 arrivesAccording to the article, the M102's started showing up in early 1969 and C-2-9 was one of the first units to get them.
MG-3.JPGThe M102More info on the M102 replacing the old war horse M101A1 with the split trails.
MG-4.JPG"Chaos"Sounds about right to me! We excelled at chaos.

Mark Gannon and Rick posed with the new cannon. The Section was located next to an abandoned Special Forces airstrip.
MG-5.JPG4th Division Commander MG Donn PepkeThe two-star comes to visit. Standing in ranks: PFC Eugene E. Purcell, PFC Mark Gannon, PFC Ronnie A. Goforth, Sgt Howell & MG Pepke. It was Memorial Day, 1969 at Camp Enari.
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