The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Slide109.jpgMarch of the ElephantsOnce again, elephants are captured as part of the Vietnam lore.
Slide73.jpgElephant RunwayBattery position next to path used by the locals with elephants.
Slide71.jpgBig TruckThe locals manage to domesticate the water buffalo and the elephants for their work purposes. Also, the enemy used them as truck-haulers.
Slide21.jpgGathering aroundGather round the guns, boys.
Danny_-John_Wayne-_Fort.jpg46 years earlier...Not much change, eh?
The FDO wouldn't wear his .45cal, so when we moved, I usually did. Other times, it set on the FADAC if someone wasn't wanted in the FDC. So, it was handy to have around. It sent a message.
Slide113.jpgTaking the high groundNothing like taking the high ground and getting a commanding view of the horizon. Probably one of the better firebases for locating direct support artillery. Won't have to worry about firing "high angle" missions, either.
DFort1a.jpgBeen fun, goodbye!Sp5 Danny Fort all dressed up in khakis at Cam Ranh Bay...heading home to the land of the Big PX.
cowboy.jpgStill a CowboyDanny Fort, even some 46 years later, proves he's still a cowboy living in Headrick, Oklahoma and serves as the Town Mayor.
Danny_and_Geary.jpgAnother Buddy Found!Danny links up with another 2/9th Redleg. Geary Burrows (right) was in the "B" Battery FDC in the 1967-68 era. Geary was wounded in the Spring/Summer of 68 and sent home.
Danny_and_Buddies.jpgGood Looking GroupDanny decided to link up both with Terry Stuber (left) and Geary Burrows (right) for a solid BS session between redleg brothers.
We met for a Supper, along with our wives in Altus, NM on Sept 16, 2011. Terry and his wife were on their way to NM. We had a ball telling on each other.
DFort-TStuber.jpgSurprise VisitorTerry Stuber links up with Nam buddy Danny Fort {2009}
DFort.jpgModern-day DannyDanny still retains the nickname "Cowboy" and has the hat to prove it!
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