The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

DM10.jpgHi, Mom!Lt Dennis Munden. A "modern-day" photo can be found at the end of this file.
Rhodes-Delano.jpgRecon Sgt & RTOLt Munden is very happy to be in touch in modern day with his former teammates Mike Rhodes, RTO and Ray Delano, Recon Sgt (deceased 2020).
DM1.jpgDirect Fire RehearsalIt was standard policy to practice lowering the tube and practicing "direct fire" technique in case of a firebase being overrun.
DM2.jpgRSOPMoving day. The CH-47 Chinook was the workhorse. It could transport a 105mm howitzer and a slingload of ammo, code named "lobsters".
DM3.jpgCapt Mike CaspBattery Commander of "A" Battery, Mike was a well-respected leader and a graduate of West Point and Captain of the Army football team. Mike was KIA in November, 1967.
DM4.jpgOutdoor BarbershopA risky proposition, perhaps. It's a good idea to know whose cutting your hair in a combat zone.
DM5.jpgFire For EffectRounds landing within view of the firebase. Not a common sight.
DM12.jpgThe EffectWise to avoid the FFE results.
DM6a.jpgOriginal slide of the rising sun over the South China Sea. Immediately across the shine of the rice paddies was LZ Montezuma, home of the 3rd Brigade, 25th Inf Div until 1 Aug 67 when it was swapped with the 4th Inf Div.
DM6b.jpgAlternate colorization of slide 6a thanks to Photoshop. Take your pick.
DM7.jpgSpiritual Support"We are gathered here today...." A Chaplain conducts a service in the field.

But it ain't no wedding ceremony, fer shure!
DM8.jpgA Working Crew1st Sgt William Rollins, XO Lt Dennis Dauphin, Radar Officer WO Emil Frankin, and BC Capt Mike Casp in a "boonie hat". WO Franklin was wounded in a mortar H&I incident and Capt Casp was KIA in a recon chopper shootdown in November, 1967.
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