The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Shields71.jpgWorking the cannonsPhenomenal Quality! These cannoncockers are working professionals. Note the clarity of the photo: you can see the 105mm round in all its glory. Note the pockets: one has a spoon, the other a pencil. You can see the well-worn handle on breechblock. Empty shell casings; aiming stakes. Yep! This is what things look like!
L to R: Sp4 Rick Satterfield, PFC Tony Heredia, PFC Mike Steele, PFC Walt Shields, and UNK
Shields68.jpgGun Crew in actionHere is the M-102 in all its glory. The older vets remember putting the M1A101 to work in 66-67. Note the attire: woolen shirt due to nightime temperature drops, bare back for the hot days, fatigue shirt and OD tee shirt. Yep...that about covers it!

L to R: PFC Mike Steele, SP4 Rick Satterfield, PFC Tony Heredia, and PFC Richard Sanchez.
Shields00.jpgFiring batterNote changing out a PD fuse for a VT fuse. Signs made for HE and Willy Peter rounds. Note how neat and carefully this munitions are stored.

PFC Jimmy Gribbins and UNK
Shields77.jpgCrew in actionNote that the Gunner has a package of KOOLs in his hand. Fire extinguisher visible. Great photo!

L to R: PFC Mike Steele, SP4 Rick Satterfield, and PFC Tony Heredia.
Shields72.jpgCrew in actionClearing the breech from a fired shell. SP4 Rick Satterfield is the Gunner; PFC Mike Steele is the Loader (notice the duck tails), and PFC Tony Heredia is the Asst Gunner.
Shields75.jpgCrew in actionCrew loads another round.

L to R: SP4 Rick Satterfield, PFC Tony Heredia, PFC Mike Steele, PFC Walt Shields
Shields76.jpgCrew in actionNow THAT'S what we call "getting into the action"!

L to R: SP4 Rick Satterfield, PFC Tony Heredia, PFC Mike Steele. Steele does the 105 tango.
Shields67.jpgCrew RecorderHolding the landline to the FDC is SP4 Don Hardy. He also appears to be the dude who really knows how to take a great photo back in the 60s when Eastman Kodak was still alive.
Shields84.jpgPicking up supplies?How many cases of Bud do you need?

Actually, SP4 Rick Kelim is leaving for home.
Shields78.jpgCameramanI think we found the camera expert. He is SP4 Don Hardy. To his left is PFC Mike Rozak.
Shields88.jpgChat timeUnfortunately, none of these uniforms have a name tag visible. Anyone know?

Lt Don Blankin does! L to R: PFC John Trout, next is the medic, SP4 Rick Kelim, UNK, and SSG Keith Portrey.
Shields89.jpgBuddiesSP4 Don Hardy and PFC Walt Shields
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