The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

JY-1.jpgGetting a better viewJenny climbed to the top of the sandbagged structure (FDC?) to get a better view. Jenny visited several firebases in the FIELD, not sitting in the rear areas like a lot of well-publicized celebrities who went to Vietnam. Jenny and her cohorts were brave enough to go meet the men who did the fighting, not the ping-pong players in the rear. She feels pretty sure that this photo was taken at LZ St George.
JY-2.jpgThere she is!Our wonderful Donut Dolly, Ms Jenny Young. Thank you so much, Jenny! Jenny opens her raincoat to show that it wasn't long enough to prevent her dress from getting soaked. This photo taken at LZ St George as best she can recall.
JY-3.jpgVisiting firebasesWell, obviously, this isn't a 2/9th FA firebase, but it shows another "hot zone" when Jenny and the Donut Dollies visited.
JY-4.jpgCuriousAnother Donut Dolly (Linda) observes a Sikorsky Sky Crane haul a 105mm howitzer. Jenny believes this photo may have been taken at LZ Highlander Heights, Mary Lou or Bison, but definitely in the 4th Inf Div Area of Operations.
JY-5.jpgLZ St George (?)Jenny notes that this photo was likely taken at LZ St George. (Should note, however, that the location looks a little "built up" for a typical firebase). Could be grunts or redlegs having a chow-down. Recognize anyone?
Jenny_Young_-2016.JPGModern Day Donut Dolly Jenny YoungJenny graced us with her presence at the 2016 Reunion of the 35th Inf Regt Assn in Washington, DC and gave a stirring tribute at the Saturday night banquet.
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