As with many people returning from Vietnam, I spent a period of adjustment to the “world”.  I had been stationed in Hawaii prior to assignment to Vietnam and our household goods were in storage there so it seemed reasonable to return to the Islands to take up residence. I got a job with the USAR as a full time civilian GS9. I was assigned as the S1 of a USAR Special Forces unit in Honolulu. I was not happy with the job, as they wanted me to go either to Fort Benning or Okinawa to jump school. After a year in “ Nam ” I was not willing to do that. I quit after a month. I really wanted to get into Law Enforcement but the Honolulu PD had a 3 year residence requirement. They would count the year I was there in the army and the year in VN but I still had about 7 months to go and then no guarantee of employment. We had just about settled on buying a house but with no job and indefinite plans, we decided to return to the mainland.  

I returned to my hometown in RI in Nov 1970 and got on with a medium size Police Department. I stayed there about 10 years and rose to Chief of Detectives and attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico Va. In 1979. I had an itch that needed to be scratched however. I loved flying in the back of the LOH 6 and the Huey. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot.  I made a deal with my wife that I would get another degree but in Law Enforcement this time and then I would use the GI bill to get my helicopter license. So I got a second BS in Law Enforcement in 1977 and my helicopter license in 1978.  

There was a lot of political interference with the PD and I got restless again and started looking for a job where I could use my  helicopter license and my law enforcement both. We moved to Waco, Texas, my wife’s hometown, in 1981. I got on with Sheriff’s Office as they had a helicopter, but had to start all over in my law enforcement career. I was not able to fly until much later. Over the years I rose through the ranks again and in 1986 became the Jail Administrator of the Minimum Security facility housing 200 inmates and about 50 staff.  

The Sheriff’s Office obtained 3 OH 58 helicopters and refurbished them for Law Enforcement. I became a line pilot and finally in 2003 the Chief Pilot.  I logged over 4000  hours in flight time and finally retired in 2012 with 41 years of  Law Enforcement.

Webmaster Note: Stu attended the 1st "Historic Reunion" of the 2/9th in 2013 at Ft. Sill, OK.
                            Sadly, Stu passed away on August 25, 2015

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