Sp5 Tom Roman

Oct 68-69 FDC  

I was "RA" so still owed a little time to the Army when I returned from RVN.  Coming from Connecticut at the time, I thought a nice eastern location would be nice, so I was assigned to Fort Irwin , California .  In case you didnít know, Ft. Irwin was a desert training post. The post closed down and I ended up at Ft. Sill again. After that it was home to Danbury , Ct.

I had gone to a trade school, but soon traded the machine shop for another uniform as a local police officer.  Overall it was perfect for me and I was happy. You get to see all the variations of life and how people live from close up.  Civil service also seemed to work for me and as 24 years came up I retired as a Captain.

As primary caretaker for my parents, I moved to Florida where they already were and have done my best for two great parents.  My father passed away in 2006 and I have his CIB and bronze star from WWII hanging a few feet away from me.  He was Infantry.  My mother is in an adult facility close to my new wife and me.  I was married for the second time on 7/7/07 and I have one son and twin grandsons.

Our home is in Lake Worth Florida , thatís southeast near West Palm Beach , if you are ever in the area.

I think often of the 2/35th Inf who kept us covered and some very special FOís/ FDOís such as Don Blankin, Russ Owen, Charles Stout, William Wallin, and Ed McNew. I hope you are all well.

As or me, I have no complaints other than the 105ís ringing in my ears for the last 40 years!

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