Sp5 Robert R. Wilson

From Nam to Germany

I was RA when I left Vietnam on 30July67 . I had one more year left, and was on orders to go to Germany .  When I found out that I was going to Germany , I called my fiancé Joanne from Vietnam , and ask if she would marry me (gave her a ring before I left for VN) and go to Germany with me.  Fortunately she said yes.  So we finished my enlistment and came home to Pennsylvania .

I had an Associate Degree from Penn State , worked at American Bridge Division in Gary , IN.  I got my draft notice, but then I volunteered for the Army hoping to get into the Corps of Engineers, which obviously didn’t happen. The degree helped me find a job in Rochester , NY with Xerox Corporation.   I worked as a lab technician and went to night school at Rochester Institute of Technology to get my BS degree. After getting my BS degree, I worked as a Technical Writer in the Xerox Skunk Works Division  documenting new product development, eventually working my way up to be a supervisor.  After 31 years with Xerox,  Joanne and I retired and moved to Winston Salem, NC were we still reside.