Sgt Steve Gorecky


I had enlisted for 4 years - purpose of 4 years was to avoid having to go to Vietnam. The Army told me that if I went to Germany I would not have time to go to Vietnam. They fooled me.  {Webmaster Note.  The more accurate phrase is "they lied".  Many FA soldiers were sent straight to Vietnam, leaving the family to get back to the States in their absence.}

I was able to get a early out upon my return from VN - I had extended about 4 months  that gave me less than 5 months duty upon getting stateside. I really could not imagine doing stateside duty after a fairly "active" tour in VN. I think I would have been a problem child.
After a 3 month adjustment period, I went back to work at my previous job.  I worked for several years and discovered that a "sheet metal" career was not for me.  I then enrolled at the University of Minnesota - College of Agriculture.  It took me 5 years to get a 4 year degree in Soil & Water resource management.

I was hired by the USDA  to work as a conservationist  & did just that for 27 years. I retired at 59  with a Civil Service retirement.

My wife & I have a small farm/ranch in northern Minnesota where we board and train horses. I have a active interest in classic cars, hot rods and stay really busy with that hobby. Unfortunately, I have only one Army buddy that I keep in close touch with. I have to thank Dennis for his efforts with this website. I have waited 43 years to talk with someone about my tour in VN . It is about damn time !!!!!!


Thank you all!