Lt James A. DeLoney (LTC, Ret)
I came back from Vietnam in August, 1967 after a 12 month tour.  Didn't' have a job lined up, so I went indefinite.  Wound up at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, until 1969, then back to Ft. Sill for the FAOAC (Field Artillery Officer Advanced Course).  Then to Korea in 1970 for 13 months.  Wanted to make the military a career but couldn't get a branch transfer to Military Intelligence, so I got off active duty in June 1971 after Korea.  Served almost seven years on active duty and 22 years in the reserves.  Retired in 1993 (Couldn't make Colonel--peace was breaking out all over, or so the news told us.  Actually, 125-175 armed conflicts were going on worldwide at the time.).
Received a M.S. degree in Recreation and Resources Development from Texas A&M University in 1973.  Went to Work for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) from June 1973 to December 1998.  Helped develop five statewide outdoor recreation plans for Texas.  Then I moved to Carson City, Nevada, as soon as I retired from TPWD.  Put out a statewide outdoor recreation plan for Nevada.  Retired again in April 2004, and moved to Molino, Florida, to be with my two children and now three grandchildren.  On December 19, 2008, my wife Donna and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  What a blessing my family has been, and is!
Never had any adverse effects from Vietnam.  A few dreams right after Vietnam, but nothing serious.  Still don't trust communists from any country, and I never will.  I always wondered if we, the soldiers, could have been friends with our enemy under different circumstances.  Some health issues, but I'm doing okay.  Field artillery left me with hearing problems.  Spend a lot of time serving in The Gideons International at the camp level.  Currently, I'm president of the Pensacola East Camp.  Summary:  Retired from Texas, Nevada, U.S. Army Reserves, and Social Security (if you can call that a retirement).
Keep the faith.

Jim and his wife Donna reside in Molino, FL.

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