Lt Don Keith

Don and his wife Barb reside in Bartlett, TN.   They are proud of an award-winning backyard garden, waterfall and fish pond, and enjoy selling pewter objects at the local flea markets.   They are avid antique-hunters and have a home full of their "finds".

Don loves marathon running and has a "man-cave" filled with ribbons, medals, trophies, and photos.  He is always on the lookout for another race and challenges himself to win the Senior Division.  One of is favorite races is the annual Elvis Presley Graceland memorial run.

Don is a "regular" at the annual 35th Inf Regt "Cacti" Reunion.

Webmaster Note: Don had a hip replacement in 2017 and was told his running days were over.
                                   He donated his vast collection of medals, trophies, ribbons and shirts to a local high school in Bartlett, TN


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