I miss the 35th guys.  (Lt) Bill Burdick (deceased) was recon Platoon leader when I was with C/2/35.  Bill and his Recon guys got us out of a couple of tough situations.  Sgt Joe Henderson (deceased) was the TOC NCO while I was with C/2/35 and Terry Savely was a member of the TOC with Joe.  Burdick was B/2/35 CO when I went back to B/2/9 as FDO.  Their FO was Lt. William Wallin. We were in the Chu Pa and B/2/35 got in a tight spot one night.  Lt.  Wallin asked if I would shoot a Firecracker round "Danger Close" to help them out.  We had only fired those rounds for area coverage until then.  I had no idea if I would be allowed to fire it, so I didn't ask.  We worked up the mission and I gave the gun a pep talk about making sure the bubbles were level and they did a good job lining up on the aiming stakes.  We fired the round and I said major prayers until I heard Wallin come back on the radio.

Apparently we did major damage to the bad guys and they left B company alone for the rest of the night.  Wallin was at the 2000 reunion and mentioned the mission.  When the B Company guys found out I was the Arty Guy that fired for them, they insisted I have my picture made with them.  They're convinced we saved their behinds. I don't know about that but they certainly made me feel good about it.  I had a lot of faith in Lt Wallin and he deserves the credit for any good that came of the mission.

Lt Don Blankin