It's "party time" when the door is unlocked

Anyone whoever met him will remember "Sgt Mac" around the battery mess hall.  Perhaps he was better known as "Sgt. Cranky", always sounding like he was mad at something or someone. 

One fine day, "Cranky" left the supply CONEX next to his bunk area open.  The supply CONEX was where they stored the mess supplies, food, condiments, etc.  He forgot to snap the lock on it.  Well, by gosh and by golly, we discovered that little oversight  by accident.  Sgt Cranky also kept his beer & booze stashed in it; it was ALWAYS locked. Well, needless to say, it seems a case of beer & a bottle of Scotch went missing. It was one hell of a party that night. 

The next day we could hear him screaming across the whole fire base. He was off the wall and was looking for somebody's head.

We had one good laugh over that one.

Oh well, what can I say...share and share alike. Somebody else's booze always tastes better.

Sgt Rick Ericksen