A little prank can only last so long
before the victim returns the favor

Before the crap hit the fan at LZ St George (See "War Stories" at top), they sent the two 155 SPs & Tracks to St. George to reinforce the defensive perimeter.  They were situated right in front of our parapet.  Well, when St George was built, the area of the gun pits was really messy from the red clay that we were sitting on.  That stuff was everywhere…getting all over the guns, the equipment, and everything else for that matter.


Shortly afterwards, we got lucky cause some higher ups had the idea to send in truckloads of gravel to cover the red clay.  That worked well.


But, no good deed goes unpunished.  After the arrival of the 155s (especially the one that was right in front of us), we got the bright idea that it would be funny to throw gravel at the 155s while we pulled guard duty.  We could just imagine that the guys inside were trying to rest or sleep and we were driving them crazy by tossing the gravel and banging against that metal shell.  Every "hit" must have sounded like being inside the bell tower of Big Ben in London.


Well, after a few nights of this, our whole gun crew was sitting on the parapet wall and we decided to throw gravel at the turret all at once.  Why ring one bell when you can ring a lot of bells? I guess that was the final straw.


Next thing we hear is them engaging the electric pump for the hydraulic system.  Then the gun tube lifts up a bit and the turret starts to turn toward our parapet. We just sat there wondering what they were doing.   Before we realized it, the turret was no longer pointing downrange, but instead it was turned 180 degrees directly towards us and our bunker.   Then, we see the tube lowering!  Everyone jumped up.  Before we could move out, they shot off a blank that was used for the main charge.


You've never seen 5-6 guys haul ass so fast.   We were running and jumping into the next parapet or completely getting out of Dodge. When we all realized what had happened, all of us got out of our holes or wherever we had taken shelter.


The guys in the 155s then popped the turret, got out, and were rolling around laughing their asses off. They really got us good and then some.


Needless to say, that was the end of throwing gravel at the 155s.  They got a "big bang" out of getting even with us.


submitted by

Sp4 Rick Ericksen


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