A selection of "lessons learned" from a 25th Inf Div Opns Report

How the rear area typewriter jockeys
viewed operations in the field.

Contributed by PFC John J. Portonova,
taken from the actual 25th Inf Div Operations reports


All right, you Medics!  Fill out those DD 1380s!  You're causing us problems in the rear.


Brilliant idea, but what form do you use to order a "back-up radio"?


Gee, do we have to do all of the thinking for you?  Permission granted for the element making contact

to continue fighting.

"VC hugs" defeat the use of artillery


Stop whatever you are doing and write that SOP!!  Ya hear??
A resupply load of typewriters is headed your way.

Damn, fellas!  Didn't we teach you how to fill out a SPOT report?
Ya making a lot of work for us back here....


Sorry guys, ya gotta eat those C-rats for at least 3 days.


So...Ft Sill told you that SIX guns make up a "Battery", eh?  Boy, were they ever full of it!!

Mama said never to play with Shell HE; it's dangerous.

So, Boss...tell me why we have several different lots on hand in the first place?

Can you hear me now???

Well, haven't you heard of "R-SLOP"?


No shit, Sherlock!

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