There's the Tunnel

Here's the RAT (Lt Keith)

And here's the booty

It was always assumed that anyone volunteering
to be a "TUNNEL RAT" had absolutely
no living relatives!

Prologue: When I wrote the War Story "The Bullet With No Name",  I told folks that doing stupid things in a combat zone can sometimes take their lives or result in serious wounds.  I made a big deal out of using caution and knowing where you were at all times.  Well, here's a case where I have to "fess up".  I admit having a "lapse of judgment" once in my life (not counting the other 3 marriages I  have had.)


Yes...I took the role of "Tunnel Rat".  That hole opening was so inviting!  It was like telling me "Come in, come in...I have treasures in here!" Who knows?  Perhaps there were maps that could end the war, or a ton of ammo that would deprive the VC of resupply.

So, like a big kid believing that nothing could go wrong, I became a tunnel rat.  I got a flash light and crawled into the tunnel you see in the photo on the left.  Now, remember that I was just an FO; it was not my job to be screwing around like John Wayne.

I crawled and crawled till I got to the end.  There I found a shot gun and a bunch of shot gun shells wrapped around the outside of the shotgun.  All pointing at me except the middle one. It was pointing away from me and it had a string around the shell.  I traced the string back to me.  OH, SHIT!! The string is under my knee.  I was F****D! It was all a bobby trap for that stupid FO!

Remember those bullets from the "Bullet With No Name" war story? Well, this booby trap may not have had my name on it; instead, it might have just said "To Whom It May Concern".  I took a closer look at the shells and didn't see a trigger mechanism.  So, I just backed out, taking the shotgun with me. It's in the photo on the right.

Scorecard: No booby trap, one captured shotgun, and one FO that never crawled in a tunnel ever again.  After all, I wasn't that stupid (I think).  Besides, I did have living relatives.

{Here is a link to the "Bullet With No Name" war story}


 submitted by
Lt Don Keith