The light of his life??

Bear in mind that, back in the 60's, "butter bars" and "silver bars" were the plague of the officer corps...or so those who passed those grades thought.

The Battalion S-4, Capt Howard "Dutch" Hutsell (dec), was a "poster boy" for the Quartermaster Corps Branch.   Everything was organized, it was on some list and he knew where everything was...including the list.   He was very proud of his Army-issue, OD-color, J-shaped military plastic flashlight, holding 2-"D" batteries and an extra bulb.  The epitome of military was standard issue and hung on your pistol belt.  Many were warned that this particular flashlight was property of the S-4, said Capt Hutsell....DO NOT TOUCH this flashlight.

Strange how we become so attached to material things.

One fine day....Capt Hutsell left his beloved flashlight on his cot.  Big mistake. Flashlight gone.   Brought it home to the Land of the Big PX.  Used it until I eventually lost it myself.

Oh, well....sorry Captain.  I have to was a darned good flashlight.


Lt Dennis Dauphin


Webmaster's Footnote: Capt Harold "Dutch" Hutsell found The Mighty Ninth website in November, 2014.  He didn't ask for his flashlight back.  Regret to report that Capt Hutsell is deceased.