by Mike Medley
"A" Btry FDC


         Without Coke 

With Coke


I remember Freddy Fadac well.  Our FDC goal was always to get a first round smoke out in less than a minute after "contact" came over the horn. Hopefully, the enemy would break contact with the first pop of the round of smoke, thus inviting the dinks to "didi mau" (get the hell out of Dodge) before smoke's big brothers arrived (better known as the High Explosive (HE) shell). 
While getting the nightly H&I program ready to go, we gave Freddy a proper tryout over several evenings.  I would compute with the sticks (manual slide rules) while Clint (Curry) would run "Freddy" as a shadow test/data check. Try as he might, it took Freddy well over two minutes to plot the simplest fire mission. Clint and I finally gave up and poured a Coke into it (a beer was too valuable to waste on its sorry butt) and it got shipped to the rear. 
When it came back out, the industrial "accident" would be repeated. I don't know if (FDC Section Chief) Bodie Biggers or the FDO du jour ever realized what we were doing.  They probably just put it down to a couple of rednecks who couldn't be trusted with machinery beyond the crowbar.  However, Freddy should have been recognized for his sacrifice by keeping someone in the rear too busy with repairs to get involved in the war.

{Freddie replies, "BURP!"}


submitted by
Sgt Mike Medley

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