Tales of the four-legged variety

Double Medal Winner!
"Short Round" awarded not one but two Purple Hearts!
Contributed by Ed Thomas

Danny Fort proudly hangs on to Bravo Battery Mascot "Short Round"

Sp4 Joe Cook with "Short Round"
Contributed by Danny Fort

Contributed by Terry Savely

Mr. Distemper?
Pup died shortly after photo

Contributed by Danny Yates

Nemo, the Scout Dog
Not a mascot, but a working dog handled by Lt Ed Thomas

No-Name Mascot?
Contributed by Terry Savely

TOC Mascot?
Contributed by Terry Savely

Contributed by Herb Ables

"B" Battery, 1968-69
Contributed by Tom Roman

Scout Dog
Contributed by Tom Roman

  LZ Oasis in 1969. The Command Sergeant Major saved this dog and healed wounds on his back.
Contributed by Walt Schneidereit


Camp Enari

Contributed by Walt Schneidereit

                                                  SNOOPY get his orders

Orders for Snoopy being transfered to Divarty. "Wild Willie" being referenced was Top Davis from LZ Oasis. This was the nick name we used for him. 



Tales of the Mascot of Battery B, "Short Round"

"Short Round" used to steal the B Battery 1st Sgt's poncho liner and sleep on it. Then he either would bite or would try to bite the 1st Sgt {1Sgt Clifford Pullen} when the he tried to retrieve it. The 1st Sgt, not caring that he was dealing with a local legend, called him "that damned dog."   Short Round got lost once when B battery left an LZ called "The Alamo." He made it across the mountains, and was found (by me, I think, but my memory is fuzzy on that) at an abandoned battery position next to an airstrip. He was soon reunited with B Battery.  He had several flesh wounds.   I heard (cannot confirm) that he was awarded a Purple Heart by the 3rd Brigade Commander.  I also heard that he bit the Brigade Commander when he reached down to place the award on the dog's collar. That story would have to verified by someone else. I was not there."     

Contributed by  Dick Younger


I was on LZ Alamo, and yes, he ("Short Round") did leave for a few days.  Our resupply point was the landing strip below Alamo.  Alamo was the highest firebase in Nam at that time, as I remember we were socked in most of the time.  The First Sgt was Clifford Pullen.  Short Round did receive the Purple Heart twice while I was with B Battery .   LZ Alamo is the firebase where the battery had to dig a big bunker and the B 52's came in on the Mountain across the Valley from us.  NVA were dug in and would rocket the airstrip every day . We went in to direct fire on them, but it didn't work. 

I had a "Stars & Stripes" newspaper with the story of "Short Round" getting the Purple Heart, but over the years, the paper had fell apart and is not readable any more.  I finally got rid of it a few years ago.  Short Round also was appointed the rank of Buck Sgt.

Contributed by Danny Fort


I'll add to your new collection of dog pics.  I don't remember of this little guy even had a name, but I know it died a few days after these pictures were taken, probably of distemper.  

Contributed by Danny Yates