A Cannoneer holds a very hot piece of a 105mm
round that landed in the middle of his gun section.


As if LZ St. George didn't have enough stories already! This one could "blow you away" literally!  

It was just another day at LZ. St. George. We  received a very large supply of 105mm rounds & fuses. We got at least 2 to 3 trucks worth of it and there was plenty to go around. We immediately carried our share to our parapet and started unboxing the rounds and fusing them to get ready for God knows what and when. Somehow or other, we came up with about 30 or 40 extra rounds but no fuses for them! We got the word to gather them up, take them outside the perimeter, stacked up, and blown in place. Let the games begin!  

We each grabbed two rounds one on each shoulder and carried them outside the perimeter a few hundred yards away to where we had a garbage Sump and left them there. I am not sure who, but somebody got to stack them and then stuff them with C- 4 to be blown in place.  We returned to our parapet and were just sitting on the wall shooting the bull. A short time later we herd someone in the distance yelling, "FIRE IN THE HOLE, FIRE IN THE HOLE! Shortly after that, there was a large blast that rocked us literally. We didn't think much of it because we were expecting; we just continue to sit on the parapet wall.

The next thing we knew, we heard this weird soundIt is hard to explain; like something was flying through the air but had no idea what it was until suddenly this large object hit the ground within just feet of us in the middle of our parapet!  It just missed us! Needless to say we all hit the ground and went scrambling to our bunkers. After a few minutes we came out and discovered what it was that landed in our parapet. Apparently one of the shells from the demolition job did not completely fragment.  It broke apart, almost sending this entire shell flying high into the air and coming down right in front of us. Needless to say if it did hit anyone it would’ve been all over in a second. After a short while we determined it was safe to come out of the bunker.  We took a picture of the shell that landed in our parapet. One of the guys tried to pick it up and found out very fast that it was still really hot.  He grabbed a piece of paper and folded it over and picked it up as you see in the photo

Talk about a jinxed Firebase!

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Rick Ericksen
(aka Rick Slick)
37 Sierra



{Rick was asked for more details on this incident; here is his reply}

God only knows who or what said or did to arrange for this craziness. It is possible that the people who were asked to do this had some background or basic training in doing such. My best recollection was I remember the personnel who were doing this; it looked like they had some idea as to what they were doing. They stacked the rounds and layered the C-4 between the rounds as well as stuffing the noses with it where the fuses went. They stacked it in a pyramid style fashion. They used multiple connections linking each round with blasting caps inserted into the nose of each round and taping them all together and then attaching the det cord to that and running it far back to a cover point.  At that point, I was told to go back to our area.   

None of the guys looked familiar to me and they were not with our unit. It is possible that they came in from a Engineering Unit which was a few miles down the road from us which was known as "The Quarry", aka LZ Wight Davis. If you asked me, it would have been just as easy to ask for more fuses to be sent out next time we got resupplied!  


Webmaster Note: That wasn't about to happen, Rick!  Someone would have to do the paperwork!