Cannoneer Jim Stoltz and LZ Incoming:

I was on gun #4 in "A" Battery my whole tour and I do not remember a Jim Stoltz.  But I will say that Elmer Lindsay (KIA) was on gun #4 with me from when he arrived in Vietnam until April 7th.  Then he became KIA.  It was an exchange of fire between the #4 gun and the enemy's recoilless rifle.  

It started at approximately 1400 hrs and ended about 1430hrs when we took a direct hit to the right wheel.   We already had lost 2 Section Chiefs on that hill and that left Elmer the 3rd Section Chief and he was the only NCO left on the gun.  He was the Assistant Gunner and I was loading and Phil Orville was the GunnerBilly Gomez and Carl Willis were humping ammo for us.  When the round hit, Lindsay was killed out right and Phil was severely wounded in the leg.  I was wounded in the right shoulder but not bad.