Lt Bruce Hulin


My first duty assignment after Ranger School was 2/9th and I deployed with the 3d Brigade (25th Inf Div) to RVN arriving 12-28-65.  Spent a full year in Nam as an FO.


I returned to an AIG Co at Ft Polk, then Career course @ Sill, returning to 1IFFV  @ Corps Arty in Na Trang in 1969 
Where I resigned. Vs taking an assignment @ WP.


You might know Gen Shinseki's first assignment was the 25th, where he was sent to the 2/9th as an FO to Nam.  In early '66, I had all of 28 days in Hawaii living in a motel the whole time. You can see we got favored treatment, RVN.
Ft Polk. RVN with the Sill 9 mos  as a break.