Sp4 Walter Schneidereit

Hqtrs Battery, 2/9th Arty, Ammo Section,  from July 1969 to April 70.  In April, 1970, the 2/9th Arty went home.  I was then re-assigned to "A" Battery, 5/16th Arty until September, when I went home.  I was in the Ammo Section at LZ Oasis from July to November, 1969 and then moved to Camp Enari


I "rolled the dice" and lost!  When the 2/9th Arty went home, all personnel that had 6 months or less time left of service in Vietnam went home with the unit...back to Hawaii.   Unfortunately, I had extended for 63 days to get out of the service when I got home.   I think my idea for an "early out" had some unintended consequences!

Spent 99% of my time in the field with 5/16th. I was released from the Army approx. 24 hours after landing at Ft. Lewis, WA................. Talk about a shock to the system..........