Sp5 James L. Keller

I was 13A (MOS) when I came to Viet Nam assigned to "A" Battery.  I was to be sent into the field, but had to have some minor surgery done on my left foot while in Base Camp.  The Battalion Adjutant looked at my records and noticed I had taken typing in high school.  The battalion was short an HSB clerk and he wanted me to fill in until my foot healed.  Once they got a replacement, then I could join "A" Battery in the field.  But, that Adjutant DEROS'd home and the new one wouldn't let me go.  So, I had to stay on the job as the HSB clerk.

I've always felt guilty of not being in the field and still do today.  But, as friend and fellow 2/9th redleg Steve Cox said, God must have had something else planned for me and kept me back.  But, the feeling is still there.