Sp5 John "Moon" Mullins

I was assigned to 4th Division, 3rd Brigade, 2/9th Artillery in May 68.  In June, I was sent to HHQ Bn FDC TOC at LZ Mary Lou near Kontum.  Then, it was on to LZ Oasis in July for the remainder of my tour until 0230, 11 May 69, when VC forces gave me going-away party--couple hundred mortars and B-40's.  Eleven Americans killed, 118 VC.  At noon that day I returned to Camp Enari to DEROS.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had a stable, relatively safe "home"  compared to that of so many who were really in harm's way, moved frequently, suffered many discomforts, and experienced extreme physical and emotional stress.  Those guys are the real heroes.  I salute you all.

Back stateside I finished my last five months at Ft Sill in Dec 69, I returned to Allstate Ins Co for 26 years in accounting management and systems; enjoyed snow skiing, and showing horses with my dad; married in '80 at age 35, daughters born in '81 and '84.  For many years, I sang with the Elgin (IL) Symphony Orchestra and 150 voice Chorus.

In '94 I accepted an early retirement offer, but with young kids still had to work and made a drastic career change--I became a J B Hunt transportation engineer (semi-tractor trailer driver!) covering the upper Midwest, home on weekends; in '97 we divorced; in '03 I switched to a local company which gets me home every night.  Now I'm mostly-retired working only couple days a week.  I remain an active church member, travel more, do volunteer community work, and lunch and coffee with old geezers!  Life is good.