J. William Ward


Here Come The Elephants
If I remember correctly, we were somewhere around Ban-Me-Thuot when  elephants came walking into our "field of fire"
The Infantry, I assume , stopped them, and checked them out. When they were allowed to go , someone came up with the idea to pop a couple of "projos" over their heads. When the rounds were fired, instead of running away,  the elephants turned and ran straight at us. They didn't get too close before the men that were riding them got them under control.  Someone else has got to remember those elephants.


"B" Battery, 2/9th, 1967-68

My highest E-grade was Sp4. I was a draftee with only a 2-year tour. I was made an “acting Sergeant” ( I still have the orders) and put in for promotion to Sgt E-5 when my Section Chief left the Btry. My tour was up before the orders came down. I didn’t hang around and wait for them. I was on gun 3 “center piece” and I remember those registrations; my gun was always involved. Some of them would seem to go on for ever. I was in "B" Btry at the same time as Terry Stuber Danny Fort, and Bill Kull.  I haven’t gotten together with any of them yet. I live on the east coast, and they all live out west. I have exchanged e mail with Terry, Danny Fort is my friend on face book, and I had a nice conversation with Bill Kull via skype.