Sgt Ernest M. Correia

My name is Ernest M. Correia; I  went to Nam on 23 Oct 67  from LBJ to 2/9th  Hqtrs Battery.  They put me on the Liaison team with 2/35th Hqtrs Co.  I  worked in the TOC.   I do not recall my first Captain's name; he got hit.   Then came Capt. (Ron) Norris, he got hit also; I talked to him two weeks ago.  Then came Capt (Vincente) DeJesus, he made Major, now comes Lt. (Chris) Herrick,  his father was a General in Germany. They were all our LNO officers.

 John D Sutherland taught me my job; I had no prior training.  I had a secret clearance, so they put on the Liaison section.   I was with John in Florida this past March (2007).  I also worked with Allen Carswell and a Brother named Shaw.  In the TOC at first was SGT Whitmere, then in January, 67 came Sgt. Butters, both Operations Sgt for 2nd/35th.  Holly Blankenship, and several others, we all worked in the TOC.

I left LZ LIZ Oct. 67.  Went to the 82nd Airborne Div on 8 Dec 67 and went back to  Nam on 12 Feb 68 for Tet.  They called it TDY and they kept me and others in Nam for two months.  Many parents were uptight about this, so they said if you did not have at least six months home from your last tour you can go back.  They took me out of the field with the 2nd/508 Infantry and put me in the Brigade FDC and told me they will make me E-6 if I stayed.  I said: "No Thanks, Major", and went back to 82nd at Ft Bragg.  I got out on 22 March 69.