CPT David G. Scott


I stumbled onto this site and couldn’t sleep all night when memories came flooding back. Thought I’d share a few. 

My tour started by getting my ass chewed by the S-3 (Maj Jerry Orr, dec 10/2021) when I was “learning” the fine points of being an Assistant S-3. It was sorely needed to help settle me down and learn to be part of the team. 

Prepping an LZ with the S-3: We were out of redleg range, so I used a grease gun and he used a grenade launcher. Hovering over occupied villages as the Bde LNO to provide "measles sheets" to Bn LNO’s – many thanks to the chopper pilot who volunteered to help and the Q4 guys for their part in plotting the finds. We must have been crazy. 

Mother’s day 1969 at the Oasis: Lasted about a week and got to see Puff do it’s thing - finally. During my time as the CO of "C" Btry Co, playing host to a huge, and I mean cloud size, swarm of bees at LZ Gypsy that wanted to nest in "C" Btry’s area. Saying goodbye to a brand-new stove courtesy of a recoilless rifle and to the engine of a “borrowed” vehicle that help carry the garbage out of our area. I won’t talk about the human loss – still too painful. Oh, did I mention the bamboo vipers that nested in base piece ammo pit? Most of all, super thanks to the young men like Lt. Honeycutt (my XO – sorry about the spelling) and the various Chiefs of Smoke for helping me learn. A very special thanks to the courageous men of our FDC. They volunteered to man a brother FDC when their crew was wiped out at the punch bowl. That effort kept all the guns firing. We were all just kids and didn’t know any better. Maybe that’s good!