FO for D/1/35; FSC, 2/35th; XO, "A" Btry; Asst S-3

My term as an FO for D/1/35 was from June - Sep, 1968.  My call sign was "Cowboy 30".

When I joined Company D, it was commanded by 1LT Allen Espree.  The 1st and 2nd rifle platoons were each lead by an Armor branch 2nd LT, and the weapons platoon by a SFC E-7.  I was assigned leadership of the 3rd rifle platoon as an additional duty.

I was next packed and ready for a chopper ride back to Pleiku for duty as the Battalion AO, when I was tabbed to instead provide fire support for a PRU (Provincial Reconnaissance Unit) part of The Phoenix Program.  (As God would have it, my peer Lt. Steven Huffstutler, (KIA), became the AO.)

After the PRU assignment I served as FSC (Fire Support Coordinator) for the 2nd Battalion, 35th Inf., XO for A Btry 2/9 FA, and an Asst. S-3 under then Maj. Jerry Orr.

I was on duty in the BN TOC during the night-time attack on Camp Enari, when the helicopter carrying Lt. Huffstutler went down.

Needless to say, I remain both grateful and sad over the sequence of events and the outcome.