In-Country 5 Jan 69
KIA 16 Oct 69
Panel 17W, Line 085

E-5, 225609032
MOS 76Y40, Age 22
"A" Battery

Recon Sgt, FO Party
assigned to 1/14th Inf Regt at time
of incident at LZ St George

 Norfolk, VA


Tribute from Sgt Mike Medley:

"I didn't get to know SSG Sawyer well until spending the night BSing with him before he was killed.  His death did and continues to deeply impact me.  He was a great guy with passionate dreams.  He never made it through the next night to pursue those dreams because he chose to go out for one last overnighter when he was supposed to be in the rear processing out."

{See "War Stories" - "A Tribute to Recon Sgt Michael Sawyer" for the complete story.}

Webmaster's Note: The Disposition Form (DF) contradicts a first-hand and personal account of Sgt Mike Medley speaking with SSG Sawyer the night before he was killed.  He only had one (1) day left in Vietnam. Sawyer went out on one last night mission.  He saw lights and called in a "battery three".  One worn tube fired into his group killing several men before a "check fire".



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