In-Country 8 May 65
KIA 9 Jul 65
Panel 02E, Line 033

Hall, James A.jpg (348074 bytes)

DD Form 1300

PFC James Hall was one of the original "doorgunners" trained for the
"Blue Light" deployment to Vietnam from the 25th Inf Division
stationed in Hawaii.

PFC E-3, 15693119
MOS 13A10, Age 19
"B" Battery

 Lakewood, OH



To my Uncle Jim  

Uncle Jim,

I never got to know you, but your courage has been a shining beacon to guide me through my life. Grandma always kept your flag and medals right next to the door right up until the day she died. God bless you Uncle Jim.

Love your nephew,

Jim Gerrick  


One of your brother's boys

I was only 10 when you left us. By the time I could enlist at 17, they were not sending guys over. My only regret of the past is I did not follow in your footsteps and become a door gunner.


Shotgun X    

James was a volunteer from the 25th Div. to serve as a right doorgunner on a huey. He was on the tenth group of volunteers. I was with Shotgun IX. I will remember.  

Clark Richie


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