In-Country 25 Nov 66
KIA 21 Mar 67
Panel 17E, Line 002

1st Lt, O-5230261
MOS 1193, Age 23
"C" Battery
Roanoke, VA

TRIBUTE CPT Robert E. Bagwell, US ARMY

Bob, as I knew him, met all new fellow soldiers with a smile as if he had know them all of his life. He knew how it was in the bush at the time when I arrived. It made others and myself feel more at ease. Many times I would go into the bush for days before returning to the Base Camp. Bob would receive cake or sometimes cookies from his wife. The first thing he would do upon our return was call us into his tent and share the goodies from home with us. That was the kind of man I remember, one who cared about his fellow men. God Bless his family and keep them safe.


Lt Emory rests in Cedar Lawn Memorial Park, Roanoke, VA


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