In-Country 11 Feb 68
KIA 7 Apr 68
Panel 48E, Line 043

CPL E-4, 15634441
MOS 13B40, Age 24
"A" Battery
killed by sniper fire at LZ Incoming (FSB 14)



Columbus, OH

WITH DEEPEST LOVE - Merry Ann Lindsey Ridgway (itsmerry@yahoo.com)

I will never let the memory of my father who loved this country with all his heart. Who was intending on making the military his career, but gave his life instead. I love you. I miss you. And most of all thank you for my freedom that you paid the highest price for. I am now and will ever be the proudest daughter a man could have. I am looking forward to seeing you again when we meet in heaven.

Love forever, Merry Ann